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Seal Retainers
We stock virtually every gear for the 10SC and 21SC Wheel units.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your mining related need.

-37 Planetary Gearing
10/1 & 20/1 Cone Drive Reducer Gear Sets

-102 -103 -104 E.M.I.S Design Cable guides
RBC & SKF Ball Bushings in Stock 10sc & 21SC
Stocking Replacement Parts for the Following Items:

Joy Shuttle Cars:

Conveyor Reducers
Traction Reducers
Level Winds
Cable Reels
Cable Guides
Steering Arms
Drive Shafts

Joy Miners:

Gathering Pots
Traction Planetaries
Traction Reducers
Track Takes
Cutter Head Gear Cases
Conveyor Booms
CLA Tips
Torque Shafts

DBT Scoops:

Drive Axles
Traction Reducers
Drive Shafts
Center Sections

Track Equipment:

WV Armature Trucks & Reducers
National Mine Service Trucks & Reducers
Fletcher Trucks & Reducers
Brookville Trucks & Reducers



Stamler Equipment:

Head Shafts
Tail Aprons